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Jimmy Page holding up a guitar.
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About Us

Outtake Gallery offers rare imagery never before seen in a gallery from a select number of the world’s top rock photographers. We focus on images that are new to the market and artistically outstanding.

All images are sold as limited editions.

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I've been fortunate to have had a long and fairly successful career as a professional photographer. When I moved from New York City to Los Angeles at the tender age of 19, part of what I packed in my luggage was a shoebox full of negatives. That shoebox contained the sum total of all the music photographs I’d shot up until that day. 

Over time that one shoebox became 34 four-drawer legal sized file cabinets, crammed full of every negative and transparency I've shot over 50 years.

What makes me the happiest is when someone derives pleasure from hanging one of my prints on his or her wall. It doesn't matter who the band or artist is; it's the look of joy on someone's face that matters to me.

But some fans want more. They want to know what other photos of their favorite band I might have that they haven't seen. I get asked this question all the time - and I know other photographers

do as well.

We created the Outtake Gallery to cater to the true fans of music photography, to uncover various gems hidden for years in file cabinets. Every photographer who is part of the Outtake Gallery has amassed a huge collection of photographs, many of which have never been seen and never offered for sale. As a group we’ve decided the time is right to dig deep and make the fans happy.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Neal Preston




Please note that the watermark you see here will not be present on the  print you purchase. We are protecting these never before seen images for you the collector.

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